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  1. 5 tips to get the most out of Black Friday

    Black Friday 2021
    Black Friday is just around the corner, that great shopping day where, finding good deals, we can buy those products we need while saving money. However, there are businesses that take advantage of this day to "inflate" prices and then reduce them and make the discounts look impressive. So how can we get the most out of our budget and Black Friday? Today we give you everything you need to know, find tips to not fall into traps and buy your products at the best price as well as use your budget wisely. Because your money matters.
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  2. Mental Health: Awareness and Importance during Pandemic

    The importance of mental health in times of pandemic
    Human beings are social beings, and the pandemic came to give a radical 180 ° turn to our lives and stay. Because not only did it represent a disease like any other, but it represented an interruption in social and relational processes, and with it, a strong impact on our mental health. Read on to discover some thoughts on this important topic and find ways to deal with mental health in a healthy way for your well-being.
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  3. Colorimetry test - What colors look best on you?

    Colorimetry test
    Have you heard of the term colorimetry? Knowing our hair, skin, and eyes color are of the utmost importance since this way we can get the most out of the garments and accessories we buy, choosing the ones that look the best on us and the ones that make us stand out. That is why today we have a colorimetry test, so you discover what your season is and learn how to create outfits and makeup that favor you according to your physique:
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  4. Qué tipo de blusas le favorecen a tu cuerpo

    Tipos de blusas para mujer

    Una blusa es de las prendas más importantes dentro del armario de cualquier mujer, son las encargadas de darle un toque especial a nuestro look, ponernos a la vanguardia y hacer lucir nuestra figura de forma espectacular, pero, ¿Sabes cuál es el tipo de blusa que más te favorece? Sigue leyendo y descubre cómo  identificar tu tipo de blusa ideal esa que te hará sentir más cómoda y resaltará tu figura donde quiera que vayas.

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  5. Cómo vestir según tu tipo de cuerpo

    cómo vestirme según mi tipo de cuerpo

    Siempre hay prendas que se nos ven estupendas, que acentúan nuestra figura, nos hacen sentir más cómodas pero sobre todo confiadas, algo que a todas las mujeres nos encanta, pensando en ello hemos preparado este artículo, para que descubras cuales son las prendas ideales para vestirte según tu tipo de cuerpo y aproveches al máximo cada prenda que hay en tu closet, vistiendo siempre segura, confiada y estilizada. 

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  6. Calza Fino Rewards Program: Information and FAQ’s

    Rewards program
    Do you know our rewards program and its benefits? That's right, in Calza Fino we have a rewards system where the more actions of the list you complete, the more points you'll get and use to obtain benefits such as discounts on your purchases. Learn more about how it works and make the most of the benefits we offer you:
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  7. 7 universal styles, find yours!

    7 universal styles, find yours!
    Are you constantly looking for pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook of outfits that you love but in the end you have so many ideas you don’t know which ones are for you? That means you don’t have a defined style yet.
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